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No Maintenance Costs

Brillianz Electronic Systems, a British company has designed and developed LED Lighting Solutions for the key market sectors.

Please read below a litte background regarding " No Maintenance Costs" achievable from LED Lighting...

LED lighting from Brillianz has a minimum useful life of 50,000 hours which means no maintenance or replacement should be required for around 10 years of usage [@ 13.5 hours per day]. Other types of illumination have nowhere near the same life and so maintenance costs are considerably more. Typically useful Life [in hours] before reduction in performance occurs:-

  • Incandescent 1500 hours
  • Halogen 3000 hours
  • Fluorescent 3000–5000hours
  • Metal halide 6000 hours
  • LED 50,000 hours

Clearly illustrated above is how LED Lighting has by far the longest life requiring no maintenance for an average usage of 10 years unlike other illumination types, where bulbs will require changing several times. Labour can be expensive; so to reduce the reliance on it must be the correct action to take…FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

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Brillianz Online Brochure

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